Send tmux command from kakoune


I’m trying out kak and tmux together, but I’m a bit tired of always hitting tmux prefix keys.

Do you know how I can call function and send keystroke from kakoune to tmux ?

I looked up the code in rc/windowing/tmux but it didn’t helped me much

I use these two dozens of times a day in my workflow, very simple but should give you an idea how to do it. In my workflow, I use the bottom right window as my build / debug window all the time.

map global user r %{: nop %sh{tmux send-keys -t {bottom-right} Up Enter }<ret>} -docstring "Rerun in bottom-right"

map global user R %{: nop %sh{tmux send-keys -t {bottom-right} C-c C-c C-c Up Enter }<ret>} -docstring "Cancel and rerun in bottom-right"