Setting up kak-lsp for typescript and tsx

I’ve been having issues making kak-lsp work with tsx files… by default .ts files work perfectly… but once you add JSX, all hell breaks loose.

After digging around, finally found this github issue


filetypes = ["typescript"]
roots = ["package.json", "tsconfig.json"]
command = "typescript-language-server"
args = ["--stdio"]

to your kak-lsp.toml makes it work with .tsx files!

I assume you removed the [language.typescript] entry, like at the bottom of this comment on the kak-lsp issue

I don’t know much about typescript but I reckon that there is no downside to making tsx the default (at least with this specific language server)? So let’s make that the default to save future users the trouble?

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yes I recently did! Found out there’s some issues when they’re both defined. I’ll edit the post.

– whoops, couldn’t edit it anymore :grimacing: