Share random snippets?

Hello all,
Is there a place to share/discuss random interesting config snippets, that don’t quite deserve their own post?
Or should we just make a new post in “Recipies & Guides” no matter how small the item is?

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Don’t be shy, we can always clean them up and combine them later. But one per post leaves us in a great place

If I do post these kind of posts, why can’t you? :smiley:

At some point there was this post Great kakrc's (like Mawww's), but I guess it is more like a post containing discussion of great snippets by other members, so it’s not like for self posting. I thought it would be nice to have something like new “Tips and Tricks” thread every month or so, but this requires fairly active community to be something.

Specifically, yep, that is a great place for them.