`#!` shebangs in `%sh`

I have this in my kakrc:

def tst -params .. %{
  echo -debug %sh{#!perl -wn
    print if /:root:/
tst /etc/passwd

which produces the expected line in *debug*


  • get fakesh.sh from f8ksh on GitLab
  • run kak with KAKOUNE_POSIX_SHELL=~/bin/fakesh.sh kak

Again, how?

The script parses the command line

  • if it starts with a shebang, it runs the body below the shebang with the specified shebang, passing on arguments. Unlike a shebang, binaries can be in $PATH, not just absolute names.
  • if not, it eval's the body (no fork / exec), again setting up "$@" properly

What next

I see a lot of possibilities; for example, I could have a server that keeps pre-forked interpreters (perl, lua, whatever) in stdin mode; when fakesh tells the server to run something, it simply sends of a source command to the appropriate interpreter (and forks a new one).

Perhaps this has been done already, I haven’t reviewed everything in the ecosystem. Anyway, hope this is helpful.