Shift-space doesn't send space character

I’ve just recently setup a new laptop and shift+space doesn’t send a space character. I’m on Apple (M1), using iTerm, and I built kak from source. Any pointers?

iTerm supports a new protocol that allows Kakoune to map more keystrokes than the traditional terminal keyboard protocol allows. In particular, it allows Kakoune to distinguish <space> and <s-space>. Unfortunately, as a result <s-space> doesn’t produce the same result as <space>.

If your Kakoune is newer than 2021-12-11, you should be able to map global insert <s-space> <space> (and what ever other modes you want to make that mapping in).

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I’ve suggested a fix in Make Shift+Space insert a space in insert mode by krobelus · Pull Request #4575 · mawww/kakoune · GitHub