Should I use single instance session or multiple sessions per project?

What is the recommendation?

I want to use kak-lsp, Can I use a single instance? cause a single instance can simplify many things.

what do you use?

With the default configuration, there will be one kak-lsp session per Kakoune session, started and shut down automatically. The one kak-lsp session can manage any number of language servers, and will intelligently figure out which server and which project to use for any given buffer.

So you can have a single Kakoune session started at login, or one Kakoune session per project, or just start and stop Kakoune multiple times, and everything should work exactly the same.

Well, if you start and stop Kakoune multiple times then you’re going to spend more time waiting for the language server to start each time, but if that’s an issue then maybe your project is small enough that you don’t need a language server to get around.


I use a single session for everything, and this makes some automation easier (e.g. scripts for opening text and files in the existing editor when clicked on elsewhere). I keep the working directory one level above all my projects so that I open files with project/dir/file.txt.

This works well for me, but I think it’s not common. Various kak scripts (like git blame) expect to be in the project’s directory, and I fix them every so often, but when people add features, they get broke again.

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