Snippets-haskell.kak - non exhaustive snippets and unicode symbols

Non exhaustive snippet expansions for the Haskell file type which includes a small range of unicode symbols.
To be used with the snippets.kak plugin
Thought I may as well share it. Thanks guys.

Just wanted to mention that there’s a more advanced snippes solution by @occivink:
occivink/kakoune-snippets. It provides jumping, and all kind of placeholders you would expect from a snippet manager.

Cheers @andreyorst I am now sidetracked with asciinema be back in a week.

Actually asciicast in kakoune-snippets repo is a bit outdated.

Yeah my plugins’ demo are all pretty outdated, but I’m in the process of redoing them properly with the same scripting I used for kakoune-snippets, They should look nicer, show features better but also be easier to maintain.