Subject-object-verb order is used by 45% of languages


One of the main point listed while comparing Kakoune to Vim is the inversion of the verb-object paradigm to object-verb. As you know, this offers a lot of benefits in an interactive context.
Meanwhile, for many users speaking a Western European language, the order of operation may feel a bit “backward”.

After diving into this topic in this article–object–verb, it turns out that SOV constructs are in fact more frequent around the globe with 45% of languages using it over 42% for SVO.

So maybe Vi was biased in its model because it was written by Bill Joy, an American developer and the editing paradigm could have been different if Bill Joy was Korean. Interestingly, Vim has a strong following in Japan which is a SOV language and Japanese would feel at home with Kakoune.


It’s funny @mawww was not biased as a French.


Interesting, I was somehow thinking SVO was more frequent.

Btw Japanese isn’t really a SOV language, as a particle-based language, any order is correct as long as the verb is at the end.