Switching insert mode with a foot pedal?

How would I change to and from the insert mode from a foot pedal?

  • While pushing the foot pedal: insert mode
  • Letting loose: normal mode

Any idea on how to achieve that?
Maybe a tip for a good USB foot pedal to use?

Extra: If I buy two foot pedal, what would be a good use of the other pedal?

kak’s got a user mode <- checkout the link for all available modes in kak. Then head over to mappings for the ‘omg l want more’ link.

Major operating systems come with “Accessibility” services, probably a good place to start your research and build up from there.

Hope this helps a bit, let us know how you go. Bye :wave:

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For the hardware part of the project, there may be info on the vim clutch repo: https://github.com/alevchuk/vim-clutch

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