Tagbar.kak - Source code outline viewer for Kakoune

I’m happy to announce my new plugin: Tagbar.kak

This plugin was inspired by Tagbar Vim plugin and Emacs Speedbar.

(Tagbar.kak in tmux)

The purpose of tagbar.kak is to provide outline view of your current buffer, by using ctags on it to collect all kinds of important parts of your code in sections. It supports sorting and able to display or hide anonymous tags.

If you use tmux, tagbar.kak acts like a panel, keeping it’s buffer open, while preventing this buffer to be shown elsewhere. You can set size and position. If you’re using X, tagbar.kak will create a window for you. It can track active file, and focus events, so you can still spawn new clients with tmux or X.

Tagbar.kak also can be used to jump to the location of the tag in the source file. You can use Ret key for that. Tgabar.kak tracks which client is currently active and jumps into it (it will not override your jumpclient or toolsclient).


This is awesome – this is one of those things that I thought could be written, but never got around to doing. Less code than I expected as well, great job!

there are some more features I’d like to implement: displaying current tag when moving across the file, showing members of structs under the struct, to make it more tree like.