Terminal Life - Lust for Life

Queue the theme song spotify or youtube.

hledger ::= lightweight, portable, dependable accounting tools


Patat ::= Presentations A top The ANSI Terminal


Taskell ::= A CLI kanban board / task manager for Mac and Linux


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  • Task Warrior: Great full featured console task manager
  • Tig: Great terminal client for git.

@robertmeta I just installed Task Warrior, and wow is it awesome. Thanks!

I had to go with The Passanger – same album at least!

@robertmeta Personally, I’m waiting for Jix.

Is it open source?

It will be. :slight_smile:

ugh, V language style :smirk:

I think I wait since more than one year. xD

V language is open source, assuming it’s the same project I’m thinking of - https://github.com/vlang/v

Not yet stable, but I’m keeping an eye on it.

I was referring to the fact it was advertised as best thing since slice of bread, way before it was open sourced. After release it turned out to be huge disappointment.

Oh, I forgot nnn which I use literally dozens of times every single day. ,n launches it with connect from kakoune!

Tig working out well, thanks for sharing.
nnn my new favorite terminal fun. thanks again Robert.

One program I like and one I’m curious about:

  • entr rerun command when files change
    I use this a lot for all kinds of things I’m editing. It’s perfect for poking around at things until they work or until you’ve learnt how they work. I used to have my own inotify scripts to do this but I’m happy to use an off-the-shelf program now.
  • nq command line queue
    I have not tried this yet but it could be a nice fit together with kakoune.

entr I forgot about – but it is fantastic, I use it less these days as more and more things I use have in-built watch.

nq is super interesting, trying to think what I might use it for.

Roberts a modest man so I’ll do the boasting for him.


I want to make broot open files on enter without closing, and if I can make that work, it would probably replace nnn, just right now still having issues making it play nice on os-x.

broot worth it.
dcd() { br --only-folders --cmd "$1 :cd" || exit 1; }
dcd : Deep fuzzy cd
Thanks for the tip Robert.

glow: render markdown on the CLI. Glow’s renderer is also integrated into nnn.


@duncan thank you so much for the link, now I can make broot do my bidding!

I had no idea, awesome, thanks @meowgorithm!

Anyone (@duncan) find a way to keep broot open after opening a file with ?