Terminals all the way down

A bit of reading about the world some of us live in:


(Kakoune is mentioned as Reference [12]).


This link worked briefly when I clicked it on my phone to see what it was. When I clicked it again on my desktop to read it more closely, and every time since, I just get “connection timed out”.

Here’s the citation on IEEExplore, and the ACM Digital Library, although neither of those provide the article for download, and it’s not on ArXiv.

This looks to be another copy: https://www.inf.usi.ch/lanza/Downloads/MacI2022a.pdf

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Our goal is to be able
to have the output of these windows affect each other. We see
many common IDE features as simply the juxtaposition of one
or more textual windows with the ability to control one textual
window (cursor position, colour, highlighting or other annotations)
with the output from another window

The big picture of their concept reminds me a bit of the philosophy behind the Arcan project About | Arcan