Do you like the terminal? Do you like diagramming? Wish you could make simple diagrams in your favorite terminal editor? Well come on down. Have I got a utility for you. It the TermPaint utility by yours truly.

Seriously though, it’s useful enough if you’re trying to do some simple shapes or tables in a markdown document. More features to come as I need them, or I get an itch to do it.

have you checked out diagon? It’s good for drawing diagrams, math and flowcharts but doesn’t do it using primitives the same way your program does.
Here is an example using diagon GraphPlanar


a -- b
b -> c
a -> c
b -- f
f -> c
c -> a 
c -> g
g -- b


│ a │      
 ││  b   │ 
 │┌┴┐│  │  
 ││f││  │  
 │└┬┘│  │  
 │ │┌┴─┐│  
 │ ││g ││  
 │ │└△─┘│  
│    c    │

I have, and honestly I’d probably use it when I need something one of their generators covers. If I’m doing a UML diagram, a couple get close but the systemic generation of it doesn’t make it easier to read.

In your example, I’d want A triple tall and to the left of B and C. And I’d want F and G to be the same size and side by side.