Tmux pane title duplicates kakoune status line

Searching for a way how to get rid of a bit of annoying duplication.

I expect a tmux pane title simply is going to be like –0 kakoune------ after execution of a shell command. My assumption is kakoune does this trick.

The ui_options option (described in :doc options) controls how the Kakoune interface behaves. In particular, the terminal_set_title option controls whether Kakoune updates the terminal title when the status bar updates. If you set it to no Kakoune won’t restore the title (terminal apps can’t restore the terminal title after setting it), but if you set it in your kakrc then Kakoune won’t set the title at all and won’t need to restore it:

set-option global ui_options terminal_set_title=no

It works. I appreciate it thx.