Turn Kakoune into an IDE

define-command ide -params 0..1 -docstring 'ide [session-name]: Turn Kakoune into an IDE' %{
  # Session name
  try %{
    rename-session %arg{1}

  # Main client
  rename-client main
  set-option global jumpclient main

  # Tools client
  new %{
    rename-client tools
    set-option global toolsclient tools

  # Docs client
  new %{
    rename-client docs
    set-option global docsclient docs

  # Project drawer

  # Git
  > lazygit

  # Terminal
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ohhh, haven’t tried lazygit, I am a tig user.

@robertmeta https://youtube.com/channel/UC1QxjR5ipIEXbGeR3Wd2aTg

I recommend gitui , it’s more simple and easy to hack

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I need to try those! I like tig because it allows to run arbitrary shell commands on commits/branches/files.

@scr I can’t see the log details in gitui.