Turn off the clippy assistant

new syntax (thanks @Ivan)

set-option -add global ui_options terminal_assistant=none

old syntax

set global ui_options ncurses_assistant=none

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Clippy is both a blessing and a curse for kakoune “marketing”.

People discovering the editor for the first time will often stop to this detail and won’t even dig further. Like if this addition is the mark of a “toy product”, not worth using.
On the other hand some users will immediately see the added value of interactivity and feedback autoinfos bring to the table.

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+1 for ncurses_assistant=none. Added to my kakrc

blasphemy :laughing:

Don’t worry – I am writing another Recipe to randomize your assistant PER WINDOW!

(and yes, that does work).


Hi Robert - did you make a recipe for randomizing or customizing the assistant ascii art? That would be cool.

I still want that duck ;-;

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Minor point about syntax change:

  1. Needed -add for set-option
  2. The option name appears to have changed to terminal_assistant
set-option -add global ui_options terminal_assistant=none
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