Type 0 to show relative line numbers for the next command

How about 0 to show line numbers relative to the main cursor line for the next command?


add-highlighter window/number-lines number-lines -relative

Example – Jump down 6 lines:

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06j already works :smiley: I suspect you meant 06g but as you can see its redundant with 6j, so this is not a really strong motivating use case in my book.

I think you’ve misunderstood the point. When using relative line numbers it is extremely easy to move by several lines down or up with j and k because you can see how many lines you need to jump. What @alexherbo2 wanted is to enable relative line numbers for next movement when 0 is pressed. For example:

435| some text█
452| needed text

We have such buffer, and we need to go to line 452 really quick. Our options are: 452g - 4 keys, jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj - 17 keys, or we could type 17j which is 3 keys, but we need to calculate 17. By pressing 0 we turning on relative line numbers:

435| some text█
 17| needed text

And we can immediately see that we need to press 17j, so this is 4 keys in total: 017j. And then we have our normal line numbers back. Though I use relative line numbers all the time.

This also can be applied to C, e.g: 07C will place cursors on each line without the need of always on relative line numbers


My issue with relative line numbers is they draw many attention to be enabled all the time. I’m exploring a setting which could work for me, with number-lines -relative enabled for a single command. I guess the general issue to this is the count argument before the command. It’s similar to 1s{regex-with-capture}<ret>, I usually think the capture when building the regex, and not before. The command works incrementally, but it’s not that incremental if in my head I have to think the argument before. xD

def switch-number-line -params .. %{
    try %{ remove-highlighter window/number_lines }
    add-highlighter window/number_lines number-lines %arg{@}

hook global NormalKey 0 'switch-number-line -relative'
hook global NormalKey \D.* 'switch-number-line'
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