Useful objects

xml tag object:

map -docstring "xml tag objet" global object t %{c<lt>([\w.]+)\b[^>]*?(?<lt>!/)>,<lt>/([\w.]+)\b[^>]*?(?<lt>!/)><ret>}

select inside brackets <stuff>select me</stuff>

map global object h 'c<gt>,<lt><ret>' -docstring "select in the (html) angle brackets"

select inside brackets select\me\ALL_OF_ME

map global object o 'c\s,\s<ret>' -docstring "select inbetween the whitespace"`

Select indented paragraph

Here’s a common scenario:

function foo() {
  line a
  line b
  line c

  line d
  line e

Your cursor is on line b and you want to quickly act on the first part of the function (line a to line c)

If you do a <a-i>i to select indent you select the whole function body.
If you do a <a-i>p to select paragraph you select the line with function foo() { as well.

None of these text-objects is really satisfying alone here. It turns out that the intersection of both is what is needed:

define-command -hidden text-object-indented-paragraph %{
  execute-keys -draft -save-regs '' '<a-i>pZ'
  execute-keys '<a-i>i<a-z>i'

Credits goes to @occivink for this text-object.

Wow – that is something I have wanted a million times. Implementing instantly.

I now notice that the whole thing should be wrapped in an eval -save-regs ^ %{} to avoid overwriting the mark register

And what do you bind it to generally @occivink? And any more gems?