Useful user-modes

Hey all,

I’m starting to get more comfortable with using Kakoune, and with that comes more configuration! I wanted to use this thread as a place to share some useful user-modes. feel free to post yours.

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Hello. I’ve started to gather a few user-modes here :

Another interesting one that let you shrink, grow selections symmetrically:

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I declare a user mode for dealing with Git workflows…some commands which act as shortcuts for the built-in Git support, and others that shell out to tig for more complex functionality:

map global user -docstring "Enable Git keymap mode for next key" g ": enter-user-mode<space>git<ret>"

declare-user-mode git
map global git -docstring "blame - Show what revision and author last modified each line of the current file" b ': repl tig blame -C "+%val{cursor_line}" -- "%val{buffile}"<ret>'
map global git -docstring "commit - Record changes to the repository" c ": git commit<ret>"
map global git -docstring "diff - Show changes between HEAD and working tree" d ": git diff<ret>"
map global git -docstring "git - Explore the repository history" g ": repl tig<ret>"
map global git -docstring "github - Copy canonical GitHub URL to system clipboard" h ": github-url<ret>"
map global git -docstring "log - Show commit logs for the current file" l ': repl tig log -- "%val{buffile}"<ret>'
map global git -docstring "prompt - Run a free-form Git command prompt" p ":repl tig "
map global git -docstring "status - Show the working tree status" s ": repl tig status<ret>"
map global git -docstring "staged - Show staged changes" t ": git diff --staged<ret>"
map global git -docstring "write - Write and stage the current file" w ": write<ret>: git add<ret>: git update-diff<ret>"

…and the source for the github-url function can be found here:

I’m excited to poke through other people’s user modes as well…great idea for a thread!


@TeddyDD has a nice spell user-mode:

declare-user-mode spell
map global spell p ': spell pl<ret>' -docstring 'PL'
map global spell e ': spell en<ret>' -docstring 'ENG'
map global spell f ': spell-next<ret>_: enter-user-mode spell<ret>' -docstring 'next'
map global spell s ': spell-replace<ret><ret> : enter-user-mode spell<ret>' -docstring 'lucky fix'
map global spell a ': spell-replace<ret>' -docstring 'manual fix'
map global spell c ': spell-clear<ret>' -docstring 'clear'

Damnit @Delapouite… what key to I bind this to! I got g for git and s for search… and now we have spell, I think I am going to maybe use g and G for search and Git. s for spell.

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@elasticdog I love the copy/paste to system stuff you had, I actually made that a user mode too (found it to support your github-url)

Glad you found it useful! I forgot that my github-url setup relied on that clipboard handling. It was mostly stolen directly from @mawww’s dotfiles:

Oh nice! I’ve been meaning to implement something like your lucky fix for spellcheck corrections. Thanks for posting this.

Recipes can be a nice alternative to explore for a crowded user mode. I think I prefer them for non-editing features like Git and spelling.

To use with

  declare-user-mode tree
  map global tree h ': tree-select-previous-node<ret>' -docstring 'select previous'
  map global tree l ': tree-select-next-node<ret>' -docstring 'select next'
  map global tree k ': tree-select-parent-node<ret>' -docstring 'select parent'
  map global tree j ': tree-select-children<ret>' -docstring 'select children'
  map global tree f ': tree-select-first-child<ret>' -docstring 'select first child'
  map global tree s ': tree-node-sexp<ret>' -docstring 'show info'

This user-mode is especially great while locked.

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