V2019.07.01 - New stable release of Kakoune

Release page

What’s new:

  • Re-organized bundled script files directory hierarchy.
  • Introduced helpers to write/read from file in scripts with
    %file{...} expansion and echo -to-file <filename> .
  • Added ClientCreate and ClientClose hooks
  • edit -scratch with no buffer name will create a new
    scratch buffer with a unique autogenerated name.
  • info -placement is now info -style and supports
    menu and modal additional styles.
  • completions option type docstring are now arbitrary
    kakoune commands that are run on item select.
  • InsertCompletionSelect hook has been removed as
    completions commands now provides a similar feature.
  • Introduced a module system using the provide-module and
    require-module commands that allows for lazily loading language
    support files with dependency resolution.
  • Added a new hook ModuleLoaded which is run after a module is
    loaded, allowing for module specific configuration.
  • Shell quoting of lists is not automatic anymore, $kak_quoted_...
    makes it opt-in, and works for all option types.
  • Lower case function key syntax is not accepted anymore,
    <f1> should be converted to <F1> .

Oh boy, gonna update my plugins now to support all of this.


Finally I can merge all that new features of plug.kak to master branch!

This looks like a really great addition to the plugin ecosystem (and thus the Kakoune ecosystem overall)!

It would be nice if somebody could perhaps provide a bit more detail in what these changes will provide or some real-life examples. Anyone want to volunteer :wink::point_up: ?

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Finally :green_heart:

@mawww kakoune is beautiful and awesome. Thanks!

@ganwell, Much appreciated !