Visual block insert

Hi, I’m transitioning from Vim to Kakoune; I’ve gone through the docs page on github and the trampoline; the only thing I wasn’t able to find that I use a lot is visual block -> insert to get an arbitrary vertical column of cursors in insert mode ( Is there any way to do this in Kakoune?

Thank you to mawww for making such a well thought out tool, and thank you to all the extension authors (ul, TeddyDD, Alexherbo, Andreyorst, et all) for sharing your hard work, and shouts out to anyone and everyone who has contributed to the documentation.

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You can just use C and <a-C> for that


omg, I didn’t knew <a-C> was a thing! Had to go up then <C> all the time… Thanks! :smiley:


That totally went over my head in reading the docs, but that’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much!