Welcome to Discuss Kakoune

Welcome to the Discuss Kakoune server!


  • Be the hub of the Kakoune user community.
  • Be usable in all the ways users want, as a mailing list (turn on mailing list mode under settings), as a web application, via rss and on mobile.
  • Be as low friction as possible, allow locally created accounts, but also all the major login providers. Thus far Github, Facebook, Twitter and Google – if you need more let me know.
  • Be a place for long-form discussion, time-shifted discussions on everything that doesn’t fit well in a github issue.
  • Be friendly and welcoming.
  • Be maintained long-term.
  • Welcome reasonable amounts of off topic and community building discussions.
  • Grow a healthy and organic FAQ over time with actual community questions and answers.
  • Link to existing resources rather than recreating them, such as deep linking to the github wiki.
  • Help users transition from users to developers.
  • Reduce dependency on the IRC Channel due to it being real-time and lacking a historical record.


  • Become the homepage of Kakoune. That is kakoune.org.
  • Become the hub of the Kakoune developer community. The hub of the developer community should remain the wonderful Github project and specifically the great issues.
  • Become a “recent news” type of place, the kakoune reddit can be that – we really hope to foster conversations about kakoune.