What am I missing about how Kakoune calculates colors?

I’m trying to port Ayu to Kakoune. Quite a nice color theme! Only I’m seeing some problems… for instance, Ayu Mirage has a background of #1F2430 image but Kakoune is rendering it as #242424 image

Those colors again, larger and side-by-side:


What could be going on here? Other colorschemes seem to work fine… is there some environment variable I need to be setting to make Kakoune output proper hex colors?

Oh, if this matters: I’m using Kakoune v2020.01.16 in tmux 3.1b in kitty 0.17.3

looks correct on my machine. try outside of tmux.

FAQ: I’m using tmux and colors look weird

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ah ha! Yes, I was using screen-256color instead of tmux-256color. Thank you!

(I had done things this way since lazygit did not like tmux-256color but it turns out I was missing the terminfo. The one referenced in the FAQ set me straight.)