What is kakscript?

Is kakscript some sort ofshell is it a particualr syntax similar to shell parsed by the C++ core ?
If its shell, what are the %val{}, %sh{} etc… delimiters ? Could the rc files be used by another editor ?

“KakScript” isn’t the official name; it doesn’t officially have a name as far as I know. I think people call it “KakScript” because many Kakoune users are familiar with Vim, Vim has a scripting language called “VimScript”, and Kakoune’s configuration/extension language is the closest thing it has to VimScript.

It’s not a shell, in the sense of a standalone program that runs other programs, but it’s built on the model of “a series of commands, each of which is a sequence of strings”, which is closer to shell (and even closer to Tcl) than it is to Java or C++ or Python.

It is parsed by Kakoune’s C++ core.

The %word{} syntax is explained in :doc command-parsing typed-expansions.

Kakoune plugins could concievably be used by another editor, but it would have to implement almost all of Kakoune’s features to be sufficiently compatible.

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Thanks for the clarification !

Yes but I didn’t knew how to call it otherwise. It would be nice to have an official name, and I guess kakscript could do the job?

I vote for kakglue.


Tokei calls it “Kakoune script”

I almost intentionally would like to avoid the word “script” in it – to make it clear it isn’t a scripting language.