Window title?

I’ve never noticed this, because I’ve used tmux all the time, but recently I’ve started Kakoune outside of tmux and saw this window title:

Funny enough it is exactly my modeline:


What should I change to make it display something like Kakoune: current-buffer ?

I believe Kakoune is hard-coded to set the window title to match the modeline. You can prevent Kakoune from setting the modeline at all with set global ui_options ncurses_set_title=false, but you can’t change the content separately from the modeline.

You can also see the title inside tmux if you put set-option -g pane-border-status top in your .tmux.conf. If your terminal definition includes tsl, fsl and hs capabilities (as putty and termite and kitty and alacritty do), tmux will copy the active pane’s title to the window title if you set-option -g set-titles on.

There’s a pending pull-request dealing with titles

isn’t ncurses going to be replaced?