Announcement: kak-tree-sitter v0.6.0 and ktsctl v0.4.0


As mentioned from my previous post here, this is the announcement of kak-tree-sitter v0.6.0 and ktsctl v0.4.0.

A couple of changes:

  • From now on, I will provide binary releases for Linux and macOS. For now, it’s x86_64 but I should be able to also include aarch64 for macOS (click the above links to go to each release).
  • I currently provide SHA256 of the binaries (and those are also present in the changelog), but with hindsight, I’m not sure I like that way of doing things. I will sign the binaries with my GPG key from now on (the same I use for commits, tags, etc.).
  • Most of the changes for KTS are mostly around internal and bug fixes, and providing support for text-objects, as previously announced. The support is experimental, so it’s not perfect, and I have some work to do internally to make things go a bit more smoothly. If you want to start using text-objects easily, start the server with the --with-text-objects flag.
  • Because the server now supports feature picking, you need to pass --with-highlighting when starting it to get highlighting.
  • User configuration is now fully optional, and get merged with the default (shipped within the binary) config. You don’t need to copy / symlink the default config anymore, and instead focus only on what you want to tweak. The other benefit of that approach is that updating the binary also updates the configuration automatically for you.
  • ktsctl receives the biggest release; everything changed. The changelong is long so I suggest you to have a look at the release, but the TL;DR is that the UX is greatly enhanced (better looking CLI with way more information; --all to install/query all languages at once; --sync; etc.).
  • Many more features!

Have fun!