Updates about kak-tree-sitter: colorschemes/theming & text-objects


Here are some news about KTS. Lately, KTS has evolved on several topics:

  • It now has full support of text-objects, including object mode and more. More information on the text-objects section.
  • The default values were changed to make writing themes (colorschemes) easier. You can have a look at this section from the wiki and this tree-sitter-enabled themes repository. The goal is obviously to outsource themes / have the common / famous ones implement the faces listed in the wiki, but since I can’t enforce that anywhere, I started with this small repository and explained how to quickly set up your own.

More updates will come in the upcoming days. The next milestone is v0.6, so you may want to head over there to see what’s up soon!

Have fun and feel free to give your feedback!