How can I hack kakoune to use a custom server?

While server -> client communication is well documented, and easy to pick with kak -ui json and thanks to the great wiki article by @Delapouite .
But I wonder how can I make kakoune listen to my own server, and send “draw” as input to a kakoune client.

An example if the above is mot clear enought:
Creating a python script that open a socket “mypyserver” that send json RPC . Stuff like:

{ "jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "draw", "params": [[[...{ "face": { ...}, "contents": "Hello from python" },...] }

Then I could connect to this server by running

kak -c 'mypyserver'

And I would see a kakoune buffer with "“Hello from python”

The JSON-RPC interface is not actually the communication between the Kakoune client and server. When you run kak -ui json, that is a Kakoune client, talking to a server somewhere else. The actual client-server protocol is not documented anywhere, but is implemented in src/ If you take a look, the protocol actually resembles the JSON-RPC interface, but it’s using a custom binary protocol. If you look in that file for the connect_to function, and the things it calls, and the things that call it, you should get a good idea how the protocol works.

But, basically, yes - if you listen on the right socket, and send and interpret the right protocol, Kakoune clients should be able to connect and you can make them display whatever.


Kuddos for the code is pretty easy to read !

I tried to listen to the socket file in my XDG_RUNTIME_DIR with
nc -U /run/user/1000/kakoune/1234
who didn’t show anything and
socat -d -d -d -d - UNIX-CONNECT:/run/user/1000/kakoune/1234 who was very cryptic.

I don’t think I have the right method to listen to RPC communication. I’ll have to dig into it a bit more. but thanks for the pointer.

Some demo code available through Delapouite / kakoune-electron

“The communication is established through the JSON-RPC api.”

That’s for the client implementation. I’m asking about the server

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When pencil hits paper for the server solution/problem can you post your findings or link your repo, I’m interested in the outcome. Thanks bye :wave: