Why isn’t milestones used to track issues on Kakoune’s github? It is useful feature that can make easier to keep things on track, what should be done first, what is urgent, what can be done for next version, etc etc. I understand that this is a mature project with a pretty successful state, and everything was achieved without milestones, so maybe I overestimate this feature.

I get the impression that at this phase of its development, Kakoune is… not exactly stable in the sense of no-breaking-changes, but there’s nothing accidentally missing. Thus, there’s nothing in particular that needs to be done first, nothing in particular that’s urgent. Releases happen approximately monthly, rather than when a particular set of features has landed.

The one instance I can recall was when mawww wanted to sort out the command-line quoting syntax before the next release… but that was literally a single feature, easy for him to remember without creating a milestone in GitHub and assigning issues to it.

As you commented in this topic Kakoune v2018.10.27 is out - What about writting a small roadmap for the next version? , milestones would be a nice additions to guide the projects.

On a smaller scale, tagging the GitHub issues would also greatly improve the way we can determine common topics between them and build a better intuition of the recurring demands.

I’ve already forgot about it :smile: