Powerline.kak - Kakoune modeline, but with passion

Hello Mouilleurs (lol, Mouilleur is awesome name for Kakoune users, I think). I’d like to introduce my another plugin for Kakoune - powerline.kak.

This plugin is an extension to already existing feature - modeline. I believe that Kakoune has the best modeline out there, because I’ve configured a lot of modelines myself in the past, and Kakounes’ one is the most flexible one. From best to worst: Kakoune, Tmux, Emacs, Vim, GNU Screen.

When I was using Vim I loved how my statusline looks with vim-airline plugin, which is viml rewrite of powerline. So I’ve decided to build my own powerline-like modeline for Kakoune, and after I did a prototype that worked for me I’ve thought to release it as a plugin.

This plugin features these cool things:

  • Ability to toggle parts of powerline on and off
  • Current git branch
  • Ability to have context dependent powerline for different buffers
  • Themes
  • Different separators, based on powerline extra symbols
  • Automatically hide empty parts of powerline
  • Dynamically switch separator style depending on surrounding colors
  • Position in file in percents

Overall look can be found in readme at GitHub.

For future plans I think I’ll add a way of extending powerline with new modules, that can be defined in other plugins, and I’m currently thinking about a way of automatic truncation of powerline parts if It gets too long.


Screenshot of the plugin for those who might be interested (from the lined GH)

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I don’t know if this is intentional but I can’t place issues in the repository. :confused:

because thats a mirror to gitlab repo