What do you call Kakoune users?

I feel like we need a name for Kakoune users:

  • kakounites?


My partner says “kakounas, duh”

That has a nice ring… Kakounas Matatas!

Kakoune definition is explained on this page: https://wikimonde.com/article/Français_de_Nouvelle-Calédonie#Kakoune → a hard blow, a punch.

Below, there’s another word, the verb Mouiller, which means giving a kakoune. So I guess a Kakoune user could be called a Mouilleur (a substantif which does not seem to exist by itself)


I am willing to get on the Mouilleurs bandwagon.

I like it as well, I’ll give Mouilleurs my blessing.

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I’d only ask for transcription, so I could say it right. I’m already using it though, its awesome word

I belive it’d be /mu.jœʁ/. Google translate pronounces it correctly

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I know I’m late for the party, but not a big fan of “mouilleur” which would be “mouilleuse” for a women.

“Mouiller” initially mean to get wet. Therefore or mouilleur is the one who get wet, which doesn’t sound so good. Worse for a mouilleuse, since “mouille” is also a slang word for the water comming from a part of the women anatomy that I’m not gonna say here.

So as a french speaker, “mouilleuse” definitely sound weird to my hear.

But I agree that is actually pretty cool when you know the meaning from nouvelle caledonie.

Is the debate still open ?
Should call boys and girls “mouilleurs” ?
Also the word might hard to spell for non-french speaker ?

I think so, as it hasn’t had much natural growth / use. Nicknames only work if embraced to a degree. I suspect this might have been a wiff for the reasons you mentioned, hard to spell, hard to say, feels unrelated to Kakoune at first glance.

That said “Vimmers” nor “Emacsians” never took off too much either.