What do you call Kakoune users?

I feel like we need a name for Kakoune users:

  • kakounites?


My partner says “kakounas, duh”

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That has a nice ring… Kakounas Matatas!

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Kakoune definition is explained on this page: https://wikimonde.com/article/Français_de_Nouvelle-Calédonie#Kakoune → a hard blow, a punch.

Below, there’s another word, the verb Mouiller, which means giving a kakoune. So I guess a Kakoune user could be called a Mouilleur (a substantif which does not seem to exist by itself)


I am willing to get on the Mouilleurs bandwagon.

I like it as well, I’ll give Mouilleurs my blessing.

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I’d only ask for transcription, so I could say it right. I’m already using it though, its awesome word

I belive it’d be /mu.jœʁ/. Google translate pronounces it correctly

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I know I’m late for the party, but not a big fan of “mouilleur” which would be “mouilleuse” for a women.

“Mouiller” initially mean to get wet. Therefore or mouilleur is the one who get wet, which doesn’t sound so good. Worse for a mouilleuse, since “mouille” is also a slang word for the water comming from a part of the women anatomy that I’m not gonna say here.

So as a french speaker, “mouilleuse” definitely sound weird to my hear.

But I agree that is actually pretty cool when you know the meaning from nouvelle caledonie.

Is the debate still open ?
Should call boys and girls “mouilleurs” ?
Also the word might hard to spell for non-french speaker ?

I think so, as it hasn’t had much natural growth / use. Nicknames only work if embraced to a degree. I suspect this might have been a wiff for the reasons you mentioned, hard to spell, hard to say, feels unrelated to Kakoune at first glance.

That said “Vimmers” nor “Emacsians” never took off too much either.

I’ve been going with kakodemons! :laughing: :smiling_imp:

Obligatory DOOM reference


Now I want to see coding timelapse in Kakoune with Doom music…

Obligatory kakouners


Many thanks guys, its appreciated! :grin:


Now imagine you’re up late, late at night after coding all evening on kakoune… You’re staring at the terminal with bloodshot eyes and suddenly you see



I’m Japanese.
Coincidantally, pronouncing Kakoune as “Kako-une” in Japan, it means “Let’s write, shall we?”. Because of that, sounds so text editor to me, but at the same time it blocks my correcting my pronunciation to “Kak-oon”.


Kako-une seems like a valid pronunciation to me. It’s probably inevitable that newcomers who share my defaults for pronunciation will default to kak-oon.

I have always fallen into the kako-uno camp by default.