Looking For Help -> KPMS: Kakoune.com Plugin Maintainers Squad

I have started an organization on Github – KPMS. The goal of this organization is to adopt and protect critical plugin packages that our community depends on. I will be bothering our best and brightest to join the organization and help us accomplish this.

Backstory: this was inspired by kak-lsp (@ulis) and plug.kak (@andreyorst) maintainers having to take breaks / lessen the load on themselves. Recently, @alexherbo2 got passionate about Crystal and connect.kak and prelude.kak got orphaned. I spoke to him about forking them, and he was like “just let me transfer them to you” and he did, but it occured to me that they are probably critical workflow for far more than just me!

The priority of this organization will be to protect the root of the dependency tree for using Kakoune, the critical and often basic packages that large percentages of our community depend on.

Good idea, bad idea, packages to add, etc? Let me know how you feel!


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NOTE: This organization is designed to help maintainers who need it or no longer want to maintain stuff solo, it isn’t to adopt active and well maintained plugins.

Oh wow, and here I am, deciding to return to maintaining my plugins! What a (real) coincidence! :smiley:

Great job @robertmeta!


I have invited @alexherbo2 and @andreyorst to own the org with me. So no single points of failure.


It would be nice to include plugins that were dependent on prelude and connect and have switched to kakoune.cr since then.

Candidates I’m aware of (links are bound to commit before switch):

there is also:

Great points, will talk to @alexherbo2 about bringing them over, also they are exactly the type of underlying stuff we want to protect.

I dropped the dependency.


that is awesome :slight_smile: thanks